True American Retro Style.

Limited edition for 2011

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Shell Pack 10" x 8", 12" x 9", 16" x 16", 22" x 18", 14" x 6,5"

Put together, Check, lubricated and serviced.
With mounted chrome Bass Drum O's in the front skin

DK. Kr. 14,695,-

Maple Shells With 30-Degree Bearing Edges & Silver Sealer Interiors

Die-cast Hoops On Snare & Toms

Gretsch Ball-Socket Tom Holder With 12.7mm Tom Arms

Hinged Tom & Floor Tom Leg Brackets

Heavy-Duty 12.7mm Floor Tom Legs

Chambered FT Rubber Tips For Enhanced Sustain

EMAD Bass Drum Batter Head

Evans G1 coated batter Heads On Toms & Snare

Cymbals and Hardware Not Included

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Inspired by the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

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